Is the 360integrity process and RISCm right for your Facility?

Find out with a ‘No Obligation’ SCM Effectiveness Audit…

 More than 140 On and Offshore assets are already achieving significant savings on their corrosion mitigation and plant maintenance costs using the RISCm toolset and the concepts of 360integrity. RISCm is the only ‘truly’ integrated Component, Corrosion and Fabric Management system designed to minimise risk, enhance safety and prove integrity and corrosion compliance on all types of process plant.

“Our obligation to industry is to deliver our expertise with integrity and honesty, in an innovative, creative, proactive and practical way, striving to demonstrate maximum value to our Clients. We continuously monitor our Clients expectations in order to ensure this value is recognised and appreciated.”


To meet our self-stated obligation, we deploy RISCm ONLY where you and SCM are 100% confident that its deployment across your facility is the right move. Here at SCM we already have total confidence in the benefits that the toolset can bring you, underpinned by 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. To that end, we believe that the most practical way to demonstrate whether or not RISCm is appropriate for you is through a review of your actual plant procedures, condition, performance and business objectives. One of the tools we regularly deploy to Client facilities is the SCM Effectiveness Audit (EA).

The SCM Effectiveness Audit is a GAP Analysis, which offers a rapid, inexpensive and objective review of your facility’s performance over a number of reliability, maintenance and integrity specific areas, designed to identify where you can save up to 85% on corrosion mitigation & maintenance costs through the life of the facility. As a GAP Analysis the EA is the best way to compare industry ‘best-practice’ methods for Corrosion Mitigation and Fabric Maintenance against those on your facility.Since the EA is an in-depth review and ‘bench-marking’ process it is also a means of measuring a facility’s requirement for, and potential benefits it might achieve from RISCm. By using the Effectiveness Audit we are able to both highlight ‘immediate’ and forward looking potential maintenance cost savings and also, in effect, assess the usefulness of RISCm to your facility for free.

 Would it not be better and more effective if, instead of relying on presentations and meetings explaining how RISCm minimises risk, enhances safety and proves Corrosion and Integrity compliance, we could demonstrate its potential benefits based on an evaluation of your own facility?


Just gaining an understanding of ‘where you are’ as a benchmark can offer these plant-performance benefits:

  • Increased Process & Personnel Safety
  • Maintenance Cost Reductions
  • Higher Plant Availability
  • Ability to Demonstrate Integrity Control to HSE


The Effectiveness Audit can highlight your integrity and maintenance management successes, identify where even just a small change can make a huge difference to the success or cost of your maintenance, and finally make clear where changes to your integrity, inspection or maintenance processes are essential for safety, plant life extension or plant availability.

An Effectiveness Audit is typically 2-3 days with an experienced SCM consultant on site reviewing process/procedures and conducting interviews with key personnel. This assessment is followed by a presentation based on our findings, demonstrating where we have identified changes that we anticipate will result in savings on your maintenance costs.

Our experience in some of the most aggressive, safety oriented and fast moving industries means we can offer a realistic and highly-competent view on almost any process and plant, with background knowledge that goes well beyond typical inspection and maintenance methods or standards.

Based on the findings of the EA we are able to determine and demonstrate if RISCm is the best way forward and more importantly provide evidence of why RISCm is the best way forward.

Strategic Corrosion Management gives operators the ability to make better decisions and operate comfortably under fluctuating budgets. There are solutions out there – and SCM can demonstrate this with zero risk of lost investment.

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