The importance of versatility…

Here at Strategic Corrosion Management we endeavor to help all industries in their quest for Asset Integrity, and to provide solutions to the problems they encounter on a daily basis. Our 360integrity tool-set is widely regarded as a “niche within a niche” but it continues to show just how versatile it can be.

It is becoming more and more common for industries (that usually we wouldn’t think to pursue) to reach out to us for Corrosion Mitigation, Maintenance and Asset Integrity solutions.

It seems to be the case that these industries are often experiencing the same integrity problems that have already been solved in the Oil & Gas industry.

Lately at Strategic Corrosion Management HQ we have been working on new ways in which we are able to specifically tailor our services and align them to suit a diverse range of industries. We’re extremely dedicated to this and are currently committed to spending a lot of time working with these organisations; learning about their industry, their operations, processes, procedures and challenges.

It is extremely interesting to take corrosion for example – an issue we understand so well, and the driver behind SCM – and learn about how it affects a particular industry. This is enabling us to significantly re-purpose many of our tools and technologies. For example the SCM Effectiveness Audit can be aligned specifically to the Asset Integrity challenges encountered in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Process and Utilities business sectors, and particularly in COMAH sites.

I suppose something that reiterates my point here is the fact that SCM’s flagship RISCm software is now available on the 360° integrity subscription model, making it more financially viable to the smaller scale facilities that were previously constrained in this regard. Admittedly, this is a win win scenario because previously we have been limited to a very specific market with RISCm, and have often had to turn away business from those smaller facilities. But the subscription model now opens the doors to these organisations, and allows them to take full advantage of the functionalities of RISCm, incorporated within 360integrity.

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